Many people assume enduring trips or residing overseas to cost a fate, and certain, if you choose rich nations, your saved earnings might not afford you. But if you bypass famous, super-rich places, like Rome or Australia, and holding onto some of the most affordable countries in which to reside and find a job is what is needed.

10 Cheapest English speaking countries in the world


India is conceivably the most affordable English speaking country to reside in or attend. Notwithstanding holding various languages, English is broadly used in the entire country. Also, the price of residing in India is remarkably inexpensive.

  • The cheaper costs of primary requirements, such as the availability of fresh foods, shelter, transportation, and other everyday matters, usually make the country to be economically reasonable.
  • Nonetheless, most visitors and travelers favor remaining in the country’s metro cities, especially in the capital. In India, the standard of living is beyond level.
  • It might be a little expensive to live in apartments of cities where it costs anywhere around $100 to $500 or you can reside in a hotel for not more than $3 per one day.
  • The food here is so affordable and you can purchase a whole meal for less than $6. Not only these, but there are also fascinating tourist spots where you can visit them for cheaper prices.


Thailand is known for its tropical climate. If you spend a few days in Thailand, the experience appears like paradise, and also the cost of living is comparably less. This has drawn the interest of a thriving number of tourist populations, like people from all across the globe who arrive here to settle down or to work.

  • There are places in this country like Chiang Mai, where you can rent a house for less than $40 per month. In precise, Thailand can be very affordable to tour, particularly when it is not seasonal to the northern parts of the country.
  • Likewise in the southern parts, with the magnificent seashores and absolutely tasty foods, Thailand is still a fabulous in-budget place to visit. Thailand has witnessed enormous development and improvement in its foundation and economics.
  • Many of the English-speaking persons will be seen in the most famous and tourist spots, but when you go to rural areas it might be a little challenging to interact with residents.


Residing in China’s larger cities might be a little expensive than living in most of the other towns. Despite the city, you will be having a convenient manner of living and you will discover preserving cash to be pretty simple. Because with all areas, the higher you adjust to the regional culture, the more economically reasonable life you can live. Regional cuisines are affordable, tasty, and astonishing.

  • Government transportation inside towns is both comfortable and amazingly inexpensive, and the journey over China, be it through Trains or Flights, is low-priced.
  • Working in a job and residing in China can be very economical and profitable at the same time. In China, English is taught right from childhood. Therefore, Most of the native Chinese have good fluency in English.
  • These days the economy of china is well flourishing, therefore china is offering a good number of job opportunities as well as notably large pays.
  • Moreover, in China, there is an availability of low-cost wage workers and supplies. This turns into a more economical cost of generation in their enterprises. As such, most people foresee China as an economically reasonable place to reside. Also, there are various visitors alluring places such as Shangai, Beijing, Chengdu, and the Great Wall of China, etc.

South Africa:

South Africa is an English speaking nation that is not only economical but also pleasant to visit. In South Africa, you can get along with other people without a translator since most people understand English here.

  • Most utmost of South Africans has a great standard of livelihood, which matches the westernmost nations. Although, the price of living in this country is normally cheap and reasonable.
  • The Rent of an apartment will charge you around $350 to $550 per month, while food can be costly if not estimated properly. A meal at a cheap eatery can cost up to $8, while beverages such as Tea, drink, and coffee are in a cheap cost range of under $2 to $3 each.
  • To a wholesome and reasonable livelihood, buying at the regional stores is much suggested.  Therefore, residing in South Africa is usually affordable for emigrants and tourists.


Vietnam is a captivating and enchanting place that is abundant in scenic elegance of nature, with a charming tradition, and offers you a luxury manner of living for cheaper costs. Vietnam stands amongst the most affordable countries to exist in the world that speaks English, and for a valid purpose.

  • Vietnam has charming views to travel, tasty regional restaurants for food lovers, and amazing places for adventures.
  • Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi are considered as the most extravagant cities of Vietnam and yet, in these cities, the living prices are low where you can rent an apartment under $400 per month. A cuisine for two people with chicken, rice, greens, and a beverage like tea or coffee will charge you less with than $6.
  • If you plan properly, you could start a standard livelihood by spending only $1000 per month.


Peru is known for its basked towns and sea sides, high reaching peaks, hill-stations, forests, and dunes. Peru has so much liveliness and exhilarating scenes that are abiding to be seen, to maintain you occupied for life.

  • Peru is known to be one of the most affordable English speaking nations to remain in, with a luxurious life and most of its days with beautiful sunshine.
  • You can have an apartment for a month of rent $450 if it is in the city and $200 if it is a rural area.
  • You can purchase a whole meal for less than $4 and have a coffee or soft drink for $2.
  • Also, there are many tourist spots like Machu Picchu, Lima, Cusco, Lake Titicaca, etc., where you can spend your relaxing time.

Costa Rica:

Costa Rica is full of dense tropical rainforest, volcanoes, and distances of seashores. More than the greatest areas, Costa Rica also lives up to that pleasant view.

  • Costa Rica is persistently on the visitor favorite destinations and tourists arrive from all sides of the world.
  • The majority of these travelers go directly to one of two hunts, tourism spots, or adventure games. And one must know the fact that Costa Rica excels in all these activities. All of this has to be kept in mind if a person is thinking of relocating to this country.
  •  As tourism is the main economy building wing, you can find tourist spots everywhere in this country. You can afford an apartment for less than $800 per month and you can get a whole meal for $6. Costa Rica is politically stable with a low crime rate.


Residing in the Philippines is usually low-priced. Most travelers and tourists find the cost of living in the Philippines comparatively cheap as compared to other countries.

  • You can purchase the necessary food for not more than one dollar. Moreover, the Philippines speak eloquent English, and hence if you are an English speaker, you will not have to bother about interacting with them.
  • People are finding it comfortable to shift to this country because of its generous citizens and an inexpensive standard of living. Because of its moderate environment and prosperous economy, the Philippines is swiftly growing as one of the most comfortable places to live in.
  • Some of the best places to reside in the Philippines are Cebu City, Makati City, Bacolod City, and Subic, etc.


Romania is one of those countries that are listed as the cheapest English speaking countries around the world. Romania is famous for its seasides, scenic views, grand cliffs, ancient monuments, ancestral foods, etc. Romania is a secret treasure full of past and antiquity.

  • Romanians are considered as some of the best English speaking people in the world, so language does not bother you much. You can afford to rent an apartment for less than $300 in cities like Cluj Napoca, Oradea, Bucharest, etc.
  • Dining in a fancy restaurant can be very pricey, nonetheless. A meal at a reasonable eatery is under $6, a beverage can cost up to$1.39, and a cappuccino is $1.58.
  • Local markets provide you with fresh and cheap vegetables, eatables, traditional snacks for almost a quarter of the price you spend in a fancy restaurant. Romania is clearly one of the most affordable English speaking countries to reside.

Surprisingly Mexico is one of the cheapest English-speaking countries. For travelers, you need to know that Mexico offers cheap airline services for both Americans as well as foreigners.


  • Mexico has incredible sightseeing places like Cabo San Lucas sea waters, Chichen Itza, Cancun city, Los Cabos corridor, Tulum, etc.
  • A single bedroom apartment may cost $150 to $400 per month. A beverage can be up to $3 and you can purchase groceries from local stores for less than $0.20.

There are many astonishing, super reasonable countries that you can work and reside while earning money. Making advantage of your pay in a modest country can allow you to keep up and then move to another place when the job ends. Whichever affordable country you choose out of this listing, make sure you examine pays and claim additional bonuses.

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