Best Battle Rope Exercises for Lean Arms and Strong Shoulders

The battle rope is a piece of fitness equipment used for fitness purposes all over the world. These are used by almost every fitness freak for good reasons. Virtually any gymnasium in the world has at least one battle rope. Throwing these ropes is an effective workout that can impact the abdomen part of the body. You can also burn calories and build a well-shaped body. By exercising regularly with the battle rope, you can get leaner arms, and your shoulder will also get stronger with time. Let’s take a few exercises with battle ropes that can help build a better body.

10 Best Battle Rope Exercises

1. Down Wave

Down Wave

The down wave exercise with the battle ropes requires an extreme amount of core strength. The exercise profoundly impacts the shoulder portion and the back part of the body and abdominal muscles. To perform this, one needs to keep the legs slightly bent to make good contact with the ground to generate the exercise’s power. Then you need to hold the ropes near your torso. Then, lift it to the nose level and create a downward wave by whipping arms with the bent elbow. Two sets of one minute each a day is enough.

2. Rope Jacks

Rope Jacks

This exercise impacts the shoulder and arms and helps burn a fair amount of calories. To do this, you need to stand with both feet together. Then hold one rope in one hand and another one on the other hand on the sides of your body. After that, all you need to do is perform ‘jumping jack’ with the battle ropes by raising your arms in the shape of ‘Y’ over your head. Repeat the same thing by returning to the starting position. Keep your knees in a soft position for better leg movement.

3. Lateral Step Alternating Waves

Lateral Step Alternating Waves

Continuous movements of legs and hands are required to perform this particular exercise. To begin with, keep your feet at a wide position and bent the knees. After that, hold the battle ropes near your hip. Then raise the left arm to hip level while keeping your elbows bent. Push the right arm simultaneously, lifting your left hand to the nose level for continuous and relentless waves. While performing the waves, put your left foot to the right and then return to the starting position. Keep on doing the same thing with the other foot.

4. Side to Side Wave

Side to Side Wave

Start in a standing position with your feet slightly apart, and knees bent a little. Hold one single battle rope in each of your hands outside your left hip. After that, you need to raise both arms together near the temple. Drop the arms to the level of your right hip’s outside portion soon after that. Repeat the same thing, but this time does it near the left hip. Slam the ropes on the ground on both sides and make sure the rope’s motion in a wave. Every time you move sideways, you will perform a crunch.

5. Cross-arm Waves

Cross-arm Waves

At first, hold the battle ropes at hip level while keeping your knees slightly bent. Make sure that your core is in the right position. To do that, keep both feet slightly apart. Cross your left wrist over your right one along with the rope. Do the same thing again but this time, put your right wrist over your left wrist. Then all you need to do is throw the ropes outward and pull them back. Return to the starting position after completing one outward wave. Squeeze the shoulder muscles whenever you are putting your arms outward.

6. Kneeling Alternating Waves

Kneeling Alternating Waves

Kneeling alternating waves is extremely helpful for someone who is looking to improve his shoulder muscles and leaner arms. Start in a kneeling position while keeping your both knees six inches apart from each other. Then hold the ropes at the hip level. Lift your left arm near your face and, at the same time, snap the right arm near the hip. Repeat the same thing that creates a wave-like effect. Core strength and a strong backbone are must-haves for this exercise. Two sets of one minute each must be performed regularly.

7. Alternating Two-arm Lunging Wave

Alternating Two-arm Lunging Wave

To do the alternating two-arm lunging wave, you need to keep your knees in a bending position. Keep the ropes near your hip and start doing down waves. Alternate your arms and simultaneously put your left leg at the rearer position. After that, return to the starting half squatted position and repeat lunging back but this time do it with the right leg. Do not stop moving the battle ropes at any moment. Don’t put your legs in a locked position as it will make it difficult to move your core.

8. Double Rope Pullup

Double Rope Pullup

In the beginning, stand and grab the ropes with both hands (one in each hand). The string should be hanged from a rod. Push your elbows downward while pulling your body upwards. While performing double rope pullup, make sure that your chin comes at the same level your hands are. While uplifting, your body bends your knees and crosses your ankles to do it quickly. After ascending, descend your full body and tap the toes on the ground. Do it again and perform it regularly for 8 to 12 times, depending on your capacity.

9. Rope Climb

Rope Climb

Rope climb mainly affects the upper body. Grab the ropes which should be hanging from the ceiling. Put your hands above the head and have a firm grip on the rope. Place the left hand below the right one. Ensure that there is at least a 10 inches gap between your hands. Keep your knees bent and wrap your left foot heel and right ankle around the bottom portion of the rope. Simultaneously, drive the elbows downward and push both legs to take a lift from the ground. In comparison, descending repeat the arm movements in reverse and relax your legs.

10. Side Plank Wave

Side Plank Wave

It is a combined exercise using battle ropes. To begin the activity, you need to be in a side plank position. Keep your legs straight and support the upper portion of your body with the right forearm. Grab one of the battle ropes with your left hand, start waving it and continue to do so for 15 seconds. Do the same thing again, but this time hold the string with your right hand and reverse your position. Repeat the same thing five times and take 30 seconds to break in between sets.

Conclusion :   

Battle ropes are one of the bodybuilding types of equipment that helps build muscles of all body parts. In all the exercises mentioned earlier, hand movement is necessary, so no doubt your shoulders will get stronger, and your arms will become leaner with time. Get your battle ropes today and start exercising and flex your muscles.

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