Best Snorkeling and Diving Spots

Holidays are probably the best part of the year, wherein the people get a chance to relax from the otherwise busy schedule. In addition, it helps people to rejuvenate themselves. People try to spend their vacations in various locations which include islands, mountains, and desserts. This blog will unravel the beautiful islands of Greece. These islands provide an opportunity for visitors to rejuvenate themselves. They are a storehouse of various elements. There are various adventurous things which are available on the islands. Greek islands are famous for having a huge amount of fun. This region lies in the tropical zone and enjoys an ample amount of sunlight throughout the year. This place has a huge amount of diversity of sea creatures. Hence, place overall is a treat to one’s eyes. 

This blog post explores the various diving and snorkeling spots in the Greek islands. Greece is famous for these spots. Therefore, this blog post summarizes this entire material for you and ensures that the visitor gets the view of the best and the most spots which are present there.  The spots are as follows:

1. Dafni Beach in Zante

This is the most beautiful spot, the visitor gets to visit when in Greece. This is a beautiful stripe of sand that lies in the north of Zante. This place is ideally used by the turtles to reproduce themselves and lay eggs. These turtles usually hatch around the mid of April and May. This is usually the time when the turtles could be found in abundance on this beach. This is the reason why the visitors are only allowed to visit this beach from 1st May till 31st October. For the rest of the year, the place is usually shut and the visitors are not allowed to witness the heavenly beauty. Moreover, even when the spot is opened for the visitors, there is a cap on the maximum number of visitors who can visit the place. The maximum number of visitors allowed here is only 1000. In total, this place is extremely unique. 

2. Foki Beach in Kefalonia

This is the most beautiful beach which is located in the heart of Greece. This is one of the best snorkeling spots which one can find. This beach has a diverse natural landscape. This also has a rich marine diversity. Various sea creatures like turtles and various other species of fish can be discovered here. There are other marine creatures present here as well. This is one of the calmest beaches which Greece can ever witness. There is no particular timing for visiting that beach. The visitors are allowed to visit it throughout the year. There are no time restrictions per se to visit the beach.

3. Afionas Beach in Corfu

This is an extremely beautiful location to visit for diving and snorkeling. This is the gem which Italy harbors. This beach is an extremely wonderful place to relax oneself. This place brims with serenity and has a lot of sceneries. They are just a treat to one’s eyes. The atmosphere around this island is extremely peaceful. In addition, it also has the option of opting out for various sports like scuba-diving and boating. There is no particular time restriction for visiting the beach. The visitors have the complete liberty to visit it as per there own whims and fancies 

4. Marmari Beach in Paxos

This beautiful island is located in the heart of Greece. This is one of the best tropical beaches this world has. In addition, it beach is extremely famous for its diverse flora and fauna. There is a huge variety of various kinds of fishes, turtles, sea horses, and others which can be found on this beach. This beach also harbors various kinds of bushes and shrubs, most of them are flowering. Moreover, there are many opportunities available for visitors to indulge in various fun activities. Apart from diving, this beach is a wonderful spot for snorkeling. The colors of these beaches are very peacifying. These beaches provide a serene beauty to witness and cherish. There is a huge scope that is available for relaxing. Usually, the beach is completely occupied with visitors throughout the year. The beach also promises a very rejuvenating environment which allows the visitors to grow and prosper. 

5. The Great Wall at Chios Island

This is one of the most adventurous beaches which this country harbors. In addition, the route to reach this beach is not that easy. One cannot approach this region without using a boat. The beach is covered with water on all sides. Therefore, there is no way via which one can reach the beach on foot. This is the best hotspot for diving. The beach is filled with an inherent diversity of marine life. This includes fishes of different species and turtles. Other mosses and shrubs are also present. There are many corals which are colorful in nature. They add to the beauty of the entire beach. These corals act as a source of food and minerals to the organisms which survive in the sea. There can be also traces of broken parts of the ships which may be witnessed will observing this. 

6. Shinaria Beach in Crete 

This beach comes next in the list of being the most adventurous beaches which Greece has. This beach is only discovered with the help of a yacht. This is the perfect place for experiencing diving. Apart from that, the visitors get to see there a huge variety of species of fishes, turtles, and octopus. The fish found there is very unique and exotic. The best time to visit this beach is between May and September. During this time, not only the climate is favorable but also, many additional species of marine wildlife can be discovered. This is an extremely beautiful sight to view. I addition to that, this beach also has wonderful opportunities for sporting and snorkeling. Scuba-diving and streaming are the most common of sports which are preferred here. The beach is extremely reasonable and is not at all expensive. Villas and penthouses are available at a very discounted rate. Therefore, this makes it easier for visitors to enjoy the beach and relax at reasonable rates. 

7. Dragonisi Island Caverns near Mykonos

This is another beautiful beach which can be discovered in the middle of Greece. This is an extremely beautiful landscape wherein various other sceneries could be discovered. This beach has an exotic variety of various kinds of fishes. These fishes include salmon, starfish, clownfish, and others. The beach is surrounded by cliffs on all sides. The overall topography of the entire beach is very beautiful. In addition, there are various other landmark features that are present on the beach. The beach comprises of tall coconut trees. There are also various varieties of seaweeds that are found there. The beach has a large quantum of corals and shells. They increase the beautification of the beach in total. There is a huge quantity of glassfish which can be discovered in the field. The beach is the perfect holiday spot which is perfect for the visitors. It provides a very conducive environment to prosper and grow to the otherwise stressed-out visitors who try to draw time form their busy schedule to visit the beaches once in a moonlight.


Therefore, these beaches are the perfect spot for any visitor to excel and grow. These times are extremely suffocating for any individual. There is a huge amount of conundrum that prevails owing to the excessively busy time table every industrialized person has to go through. Therefore, there has to be a time slot wherein the person devotes some time to enjoy and renew themselves. In other words, these beaches which have been discussed above provide the visitors with the required relaxation they need to live their lives fully. This plays a very vital role in ensuring that the person lives a happy and healthy life. One needs to also ensure that put of the otherwise busy schedule, he or she manages to get some time to relax with his family and friends. This acts as a short break in the otherwise busy schedules. These breaches in Greece are the perfect destinations for ensuring the person’s relaxation and adding fun to his life. These beaches are extremely affordable and do not take much to travel. Therefore, it is important to promise yourself a happy trip.

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