How to Delete Youtube Channel in iPhone and Android

People these days are very quick to react. The sooner they crave for something, the sooner they want to get rid of the same. Therefore, it is imperative all the essential steps and procedures required to do or undone a particular thing must be available aptly. Therefore, it becomes imperative to realize that these methods should be available for the amateurs as well. This blog post is aimed to unravel the entire procedures which are required for this process. Making a youtube channel is much easier than deleting the same. The problem becomes much more difficult when the same has to be deleted using a mobile phone which is again of two types. One is the most common mobile software of Android while the other is the unique iPhone. Therefore, the user needs to ascertain that the proper steps have to be followed while following the procedure to delta a youtube channel irrespective of the mobile software he or she uses. 

This blog post unravels the details which should be taken care of while following the process of deleting a youtube channel using a mobile phone which is either powered by Android or iPhone. The intricacies of the process have been mentioned below:

In order to delete a Youtube channel using a mobile device, the first step which needs to be taken is that the user needs to make sure that the application of Youtube has been installed properly. After the application has been installed, the user is expected to sign in the application using the login details. The details of the steps are as follows:

  1. Once the user has signed in the application of Youtube, the next step which is expected out of him or her is to ensure that he or she goes to the right side of the application. Therein, the user will discover three lines. The user is now expected to tap over the same. The next step would be tap ‘Your Channel’.
  1. Once done with this step, the next step in line would be to click on ‘Videos’ which is given on the top navigation bar. There will be a range of videos that the user might be wanting to delete. There will be three dots near the video. Click on those dots to delete the videos you want to delete. The videos will be deleted from the channel.

Apart from this procedure, there is another procedure which the users can rely on to delete the youtube videos is given below:

  1. The first step in this process is to ensure that the user has downloaded the official version of the famous Youtube Creator Studio mobile app. Once this app has been installed using Play Store and iTunes, the next step in line is to open the application. There would be a menu page when that application is opened. 
  2. The next step would be to go to the left bar wherein there will be an ‘Option’. This option will direct the user to go to the list of Videos. The user can now select the videos which he wants to delete. In addition to this, there will be an edit page for this. Wherein the user can simply select the videos.
  3. The user will be directed to another page which is titled as the advanced tab. On this page, if the user scrolls down he can be directed to the delete option. The user will now finally be able to delete the unwanted videos of the channel.

After discussing the procedure to delete videos from the youtube channel, the next process in line is to understand how youtube channels can be deleted. The process has been explained with the help of detailed steps which should be followed as it is. If there is any glitch in understanding the work, the user is expected to do a thorough reading of this blog post before proceeding ahead with the decision to delete the Youtube Channel.

The steps required have been enumerated and explained below:

  1. The user in the first place is expected to install the Youtube application. Once the youtube application has been installed with the help of the Playstore in the case of an Android phone or with the help of the App Store in case of using an iPhone. Therefore, once the application has been successfully installed, the user is then expected to proceed ahead with the steps which have been enumerated as follows.
  2. Once the application has been properly installed, the user is now expected to sign in the application which has been installed. For the process of signing in, the user is expected to use the login details which include an ID and the corresponding password. Once the user has logged in, the Youtube application will now direct the user to the homepage of youtube.
  1. The user is now required to view the menu which appears on the left-hand side of the home page. The user is now expected to tap on the same once. It will be directed to another page wherein the user will see a handful of options. The user is now expected to tap the settings option.
  2. Once the user has tapped the settings option, the user is now expected to select the option of ‘Channel’. Therein the user will be prompted to select another option which will direct the user to another page which will showcase the advanced settings. 
  3. Once the user has ensured that all the above-mentioned steps have been followed, the user has to then search for the option ‘Remove YouTube’ Content. Once the user has reached up to this extent, the user is then required to ensure that the above-mentioned steps have been followed properly. Once done with these steps, the user is all set to delete his or her YouTube channel which he was wanting to delete for so long.
  1. The user will then be prompted towards various options. The user will then have to make up his or her mind to finally select the option of ‘Delete my Account’ permanently. In this way, the user will be finally ensured that he has followed the required steps with the utmost amount of care and caution. Reaching this step is success in itself. The user will be ensured that he has followed all the required steps in the above-mentioned manner without any fault and fallacies which were likely to decrease the success rate of the user to reach his ultimate goal of deleting the YouTube channel he finally holds. In addition, the user is expected to ensure that once he has reached this option, the user should be quick in finally selecting the checkboxes and finally delete his account. 
  1. Once the user has finally checked all the boxes, he or she will be prompted with a dialog box that will once again ask for a confirmation from the user whether he or she is sure about deleting the account and the channel in which that particular user-owned. 
  1. If the user is well satisfied with his final decision to delete the channel he or she owns, click the delete option, and the channel will be finally deleted. This channel which user-operated is finally deleted now. There is no option in Youtube to retrieve back the channel by simplifying undoing the already done act. Once the option has been selected, the channel gets deleted permanently. The act of deleting the account is final and cannot be undone at any cost. The user has now lost all his contacts and followers which he or she had via this channel. In addition, the user will also lose all the subscribers. 


In case, if the user has changed his or her mind to re-activate the channel there is no way in which the deleted channel can be operated again. As already said, once the channel has been deleted, it cannot come back again. Therefore, the user will now have to ensure that he or she has to create a new channel that too from the beginning and again vouch for followers and subscribers. There is no process in which the subscribers and followers of the deleted channel which can be used in the new channel. The user has to ensure that everything has to be done afresh. In this way, the user can delete the channel. Care must be taken while following the steps.

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