Social-Emotional Development-Child Development- Hitting Child

Hitting a child can seriously lead to his mental damage which can lead to anxiety and depression. If your child is not doing anything right in his childhood, then forgive him for doing such mistakes. But don’t hit him or give him any hard punishment because it will just down his moral. It is also necessary to give him proper love and make him understand in a lovely method so that he will understand better. Hitting him will not be a proper solution because it will lead to creating misunderstanding and the parental gap between you and your child.

Childhood Anxiety and Depression

The root cause of childhood anxiety and the depression in the child is serious because of the uneven environment in the home. It is the home only where the child brought up and learns to different emotions. If the parents are not treating the child in a right way, then he will surely not receive positive responses in his mind and it is very harmful to him as well as for his upcoming life because he will get suffocated in an environment where he would not be able to think positive.

This is the most inappropriate thing any child can face ever in his life. If at an early stage in his life, he must be given love and affection so that he can express his thoughts or feelings to his loved ones. If there is nobody to listen to him, then there will be no matter of getting low from anybody. In this way, the child will feel lonely and it will lead to anxiety and depression. In such cases, children don’t know what they should do in eventually they will end up making a bad decision. If anybody wants their child to grow normally and ordinary, then they have to be normal and frank with their children in such a way that their children start believing in them and start expressing whatever he feels to them.

Level of punishment

The level of punishment should be kept in mind that your ultimate motive is to make your child understand what he did wrong or unacceptable. If you are beating him or hitting him hard, then it will only create fear and disrespect for you in the child. In this way, you will not be able to interact with your children peacefully. Even if he is listening to your talk, he will ignore what your moral is. He will just Admire the fact that you are the authority over him should obey whatever you are saying. But this is not the right case because it will create a gap and disrespect for you in your child. Your level of punishment should not be more than making him understand what he has done wrong. If anything happening to you is because of his bad mood, then you have to figure it out accordingly and try to sort it out friendly.

In case you are struggling to find it out what have done wrong to him, then you can talk to him personally so that he would be able to answer your questions obediently. If this is also not working, then you have to make sure that your child is in normal condition or normal mood, so that you will be able to identify what is running in his mind. If everything is okay, then you can tell him to understand certain things which you don’t like. Once he understands those things, then he will try to not to repeat them to make you happy. This is the most adorable factor your child will do for you. For this, you have to admire him and appreciate him for not repeating the same mistake again and again. If you are satisfied with your child, then you can reward him with the things he likes. But make sure that you will not go behind the level of punishment.

Make Emotional relation

You need to make emotional relation with your child because it is the most amazing and important factor which you need to establish with your channel so that he will be able to express end analyse what you are seeking from him. If there are an emotional interaction and connection between you and your child, then you will be able to find out why he is doing so much wrong things. And then you will be able to identify what measures can you take to solve this issue. If you are heading towards the right points, then there will be no need for punishment. Because in this case you can handle it by yourself and you can set up easy arrangements by which your child would get understand. After applying emotional relation, you will be able to find out that your child is much more understood and mature now. He will share all these things which he feels with you. In this way, it would be beneficial for both of you to understand what exactly you both want from each other.

It is also seen that most of the other family members restrict you to punish him with light scolding. But this is wrong because you should have at least a little authority over your children to make them understand what is wrong and what is right. If you do not interfere in the understanding of children, then they might get misguided and it would be not good for their future life. Hence you must Be an instructor in your child life so that he would get through certain difficult situations in his life. This would also help him to fight from the anxiety as well as anger which he faces because of the bad behaviour of the other members in the house. Even if the child is getting angry on certain things, it is believed that he will be fine one day. Just make sure that he doesn’t involve in bad things and bad Groups. Just take him with the warm Assistance then you will realise that the hard punishment was not necessarily needed. You will realise that your children also understand the love language and your sweet behaviour. In this way, you will be able to make a good interaction and relation with your children which will be beneficial for both of you.


Treat your child with love and not with anger and aggression because it would be harmful to him in his future life. Also, it would push towards anxiety and depression which is not good for his mental as well as physical health. So try to be nice with them and punish them only when it seriously needs it.

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