Dried Mango and Health Benefits


Mango is known as one of the best fruit. It is the most cherished fruit in the market. This fruit has a huge amount of pulp. This fruit acts as a storehouse of nutrients. This fruit has great utility. Mango requires a temperate climate to grow. Therefore, areas of Southeast Asia, South America, and Australia for famous for its production. 

The interesting part is that despite mango itself being addressed as the king of the fruits, a number of other substitutes can be derived from it easily. These products which are derived from mango are equally useful and beneficial like Mango. This shows that Mango is a very useful fruit. The various in which Mango can be utilized highlights the diversity of the fruit. 

The most famous product which could be extracted from mango is dried mango. People usually dehydrate the mango to convert it into dried mango. Dehydration is a process that involves the removal of water from the fruit. The main intention behind dehydration is to prevent the product from spoilage. Sometimes, the farmers dehydrate the fruit to transport it over a huge distance. 

The dried counterpart of mango is equally beneficial and useful. However, it has a high-calorie content. Therefore, one needs to be careful while galloping this delicious fruit. One might wonder whether the removal of water from the fruit, drains the nutrients as well. It is true to some extent. However, mango has this capacity to retain its nutrients even after the excess water is drained out. 


Dried mango possesses a catena of nutrients. These nutrients play an important role in the maintenance of health. Nutrients like Vitamin A can be discovered in this fruit.it also has a huge content of Vitamin C. This fruit is also a rich source of fiber. Vitamin B is also found excessively in this fruit. In addition, it is also flushed with anti-oxidants. The minerals which are found in this fruit include magnesium, potassium, zinc, and sodium. The balanced intake of these nutrients in the right quantity is extremely beneficial for maintaining the quality of life. These minerals and nutrients constitute an important part of a balanced diet. 

These nutrients provide various health benefits. The intake of Vitamin A is helpful in boosting metabolism. This also regulated the iron and calcium content in the body. It also helps in strengthening the immune system in the body. It heals wounds and helps in fighting to age. This fruit also helps to prevent cataract. Vitamin C is another beneficial nutrient which this fruit supplies to the body. The intake of Vitamin C nourishes the skin and cures any inflammation if any. It revitalizes the skin which makes the skin glow. It even cures blemishes and dark spots. This fruit is even helpful in reducing wrinkles. This fruit also helps in maintaining the eye-sight and curing eye-related problems. The consumption of Vitamin C also helps in repairing the damaged tissues. 

The fruit is a rich source of ascorbic acid. This acid plays a vital role in fighting ailments like the common cold. This also prevents the multiplication of carcinogenic cells in the body. The consumption of Vitamin B helps in breaking down food into energy. This energy when supplied to red blood cells helps in boosting the energy levels of the body. This fruit is rich is the complex form of Vitamin B. This plays in boosting stamina. This also helps in the development of newborn babies. The fiber content is also useful in increasing the digestive activity of the body. This again helps in lowing down the cholesterol. A rich fiber diet is also helpful in weight-loss. Dried mangoes are a rich source of potassium as well. This again helps in the development of the heart and lungs.

Slices of Dried mangoes

Other Benefits

Apart from the above mentioned benefits, this fruit also plays a vital role in fighting diseases. The nutrients it supplies play a vital role in fighting against cancer. It helps to fight skin diseases. The intake of this fruit ensures a glowing skin. It protects the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun and pollutants. This is the reason why dried mango is used extensively in skin care products like sunscreens and moisturizers. As mentioned above, the fruit helps in boosting the immune system and metabolism. 

This spurs the activity in the body. Therefore, it ultimately helps in regulating weight by controlling the glucose content of the body. It also regulated cholesterol. As a result, the possibility of heart diseases gets reduced. Potassium and Vitamin C help in regulating blood pressure. The fruit is extremely essential for women. It supplies them the required iron content which they ideally require. It helps in fighting anemia by stimulating the growth and healthy development of red blood cells. Dried Mango supplies the required nutrients to pregnant and lactating mothers. This helps in the tissue and bone development of the child. 

Dried mango also plays an important role in boosting mood. It ensures a sufficient supply of the required vitamins and minerals in the body. This results in maintaining the energy levels of the body. This is the reason why the dried mango is the basic ingredient in all the energy drinks. This fruit also helps to maintain the energy level of women. Especially during their menses, the women require an additional quantity of iron. This quantity is higher than what men require in routine days. 

There is a difference of 10 mg of iron in the diets of both men and women. Women require more quantity of iron than what is required by the men. Therefore, dried mangoes are best for women to reduce the deficiency of iron in them. At the same time, it plays an important role in enhancing the alertness of the mind. The nutrients supplied by dried mangoes stimulate the nervous system. Such stimulation help is enhancing the awareness of the brain. They also play an important role in fighting stress. It enables the working class to remain working stamina throughout the day. 

Dried mangoes can be consumed as it is. However, some people prefer to consume dried mangoes with some amount of lime juice and honey. This helps in preventing the chances of cough and sour throat. Dried mangoes are also used in making ice creams. They are the perfect topping of the salads. They have a great aroma. They have a sweet and sour taste. This cames them relevant for candies. 

Also, many appetizers are made using dried mangoes. Dried mangoes if used in the correct quantity is extremely essential for the body. Dried mangoes are simply the perfect substitutes of spices and herbs like tamarind. Dried mango also goes well with dishes like chicken and meat. Their subtle flavor is a treat to taste-buds. In many Indian states like Tamil Nadu and Kerala, dried mango is used as a condiment in various dishes. It is an important constituent of South-Indian cuisines. Dried mangoes are also used by the food processing industries. 


However, one needs to extensively careful while consuming dried mango. This is because of the sole reason that the dried mango is predominantly sweet in nature. Also, it has accumulated sugar and glucose content stored in it. This stored cellulose is not lost even after dehydration of the mangoes. Therefore, as already mentioned that dried mangoes give the best result when consumed in moderate quantity. It becomes essential to be careful with the quantity of the mango. As excess of dried mangoes, if consumed, are most likely to result in weight gain. It also raises blood sugar levels and makes a person vulnerable to diabetes. Moreover, some people can also be allergic to dried mangoes. Therefore, its consumption has to be regulated. 


Dried mangoes are easy to make at home. It requires ingredients like ripe mangoes, some honey, and some lime juice. Ideally, 7-8 ripe mangoes are enough for this process. No more than one tablespoon should be used. One-fourth cup of lemon juice is also ideal. The process of their preparation is quite simple. First of all, some honey should be mixed with the extracted lime juice. A small bowl will be enough for this process. Both the ingredients should be mixed with each other. 

The mixture should be stirred until properly and efficiently dissolved. The step is to take the ripe mangoes. They have to be peeled properly. After peeling them, it is necessary to reduce them in either cubes or strips. The shape is solely the discretion of the person. There is no particular rule for deciding the shape. One slice or cube is then dipped in the mixture which was prepared by mixing lime juice with honey. The excess of the mixture should then be wiped off. The strips should now be kept on a surface. They should be dehydrated. The maximum time is 12 hours. However, humidity plays an important role in determining the time required. 

Your dried mango is ready.

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