Mom is the person who takes care of every single thing in your life while you are growing up. You really can’t repay anything back to your mom, and there is not even a slight chance that you sacrifice the same as your mom did for you. You cannot give anything to your mom that can be as precious as your care and affection, but you can show her some special attachment by handmade gifts. Homemade gifts are some of the best gifts you can provide to your mom.

Here are the best 30 handmade gifts for mom

1. Decorated Tray

You can make a decorated tray for your mom. One can select paint, glitter, stickers, pearls, and other such things. Later you will have to stick and decorate the tray accordingly.

2. Spicy Bottle

It is not a mix of spices, and don’t you dare to do such a mix, or your mom could be freaking angry. Jokes aside, all you have to do is to fill a fancy bottle with oil and add chilies up on the mouth. It looks good.

3. Plate

Plates are one of the favorite kitchen accessories for every mother. All you have to do is to get your paintbrushes out and show creativity. Your mom will love everything you will paint.

4. Pillow cover

Customized pillow covers are among brilliant ideas to gift. You can make these covers by two techniques basically. The one being stitching and the other being painting or printing on the cover.

5. A flower bouquet

You don’t need a lot to impress your mom. Just grab some flowers from your garden and wrap up the stems. Further, wrap the lower part with glitter paper, and you are done.

6. Photo frame

For this one, all you need is to grab some good photos that are close to your mother. Set them in a frame, and you are done. Wrap it in wrapping paper and give it to your mom.

7. Mold of hand

Your mom, loves everything attached to you. So get a paste of plaster of Paris and try taking a hand impression on your mold. Let it dry and gift it to your mom.

8. Purse

This might be a lengthy process, but it is worth it. All you have to do is to take a ripped or old cloth and stitch it in the form of a purse. Decorate it and give your mom a handmade purse.

9. Bed sheet

Again, a great gift that requires minimal effort. Take a bed sheet out and make sure the bed sheet is not the one your mom uses frequently. You can show your creativity on the sheet and then present it to your mom.

10. A key chain

It is a quick make gift. All you need for this one of the parts of a keychain. Even you can use alphabetical letters to form a chain. It is handy and a good gift to remember.

11. Mug

Customizing your mom’s favorite mug is also a good idea. Get a picture of you and your mom and get it printed over the mug. It will remind her of the moment.

12. Personal Notepad

You can make a personal notepad for your mom. She might find it creative and useful at the same time.

13. A jar of happiness

If your mom is very much interested in cosmetics and stuff like this, you can give her a jar full of those decorated by you.

14. Hair Clip

You can make a flower ribbon and attach it to the hair clip’s head. Your mom will definitely like it.

15. Artwork to hang

A poster cum artwork can be a new thing to add to your mom decorative.

16. Paper Flowers

You can easily make flowers out of papers. These flowers never wilt.

17. Stamp Card

All you need are the cuttings and pieces of vegetables which your mom left while cooking. Use these as an impression for stamps.

18. Letter

Write a letter to your mom. It might seem simple, but words can be very precious for your mom.

20. Scarf

Get her a beautiful scarf and decorate it with your creativity.

20. Cake

Show some talent with baking and impress your mom.

21. Vases

Pick up an empty bottle, color it up, and it’s done.

22. Keeping Box

A keeping box can be useful for your mother for storing watches, earrings, and other things.

23. Bookmark

A handmade Bookmark is a very innovative idea. Pick up your brush and make a bookmark.

24. Fridge Magnets

You can easily select your mom’s favorite pictures and place them on a magnet so that you can attach them to the fridge.

25. Perfumes

Handmade perfumes are tough to make, but they smell amazing.

26. Soap

Learn the easy process of soap making and provide your mom with relaxing scented soap.

27. Headband

Design a Headband for your mom so that she can get her hairs arranged easily.

28. Jewelry organizer

A simple idea to create a box for your mom to organize jewelry.

29. Mat

A welcome mat with your creativity could be a good gift.

30. A mixed tape

Get all the favorite songs of your mom and make a mixed tape.

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