How to fix Lenovo touchpad not working

Many users who are using the Lenovo laptops are complaining about the improper working of the touchpad. It happens with many users that after the instalment of the latest update from the windows, the touchpad stops working. If you are also having the same problem of improper working or complete stoppage of your touchpad In windows, then you need to have a look at these simple methods and tricks which are arranged for you to get rid of this issue. We are mentioning some of the best and effective methods below hence Follow these simple steps to run your touchpad again with proper outcome.

5 Best Methods How to fix Lenovo touchpad not working

Method 1: Turn ON the touchpad by pressing the button on the keyboard

On the keyboard of your laptop, you will be able to see many cases related to different Actions. Among those keys, you will be able to see a key which is responsible for the function of enabling and disabling of the touchpad in your laptop. If you want to enable or disable the working of your touchpad on the laptop, you can easily do this thing directly by pressing that key.

Turn ON the touchpad by pressing the button on the keyboard

You will be able to see this kind of pattern of the key on the laptop. The design of the key might be found a change in different models as many new updates or version of the laptops comes with new design and technology. After clicking on this key, your touchpad will be able to work once you reboot your laptop. If this method is not working, then you need to download the latest version of the touchpad driver from the Lenovo support website which would help you to correct the issue.

Method 2: Turn ON the touchpad from the system settings

If the above-mentioned method of direct enabling the touchpad by pressing a simple key on the keyboard is not working Then you can go for a manual option which is from the settings of the system. Turning on of the touchpad from the system itself will help you to enable the touchpad of the Lenovo laptop. To perform this function, you need to make sure that the latest software of the HP driver is installed and available in your system. If the latest touchpad driver is not available in your system, then you need to download it from the Lenovo support website.

Step 1. Just go on the device setting where you will find the option of the control panel, In which you will be able to see the mouse properties in the menu of device settings.

Turn ON the touchpad from the system settings

Step 2. In the device setting, you will be able to see the enabling and disabling of the device Permanently. This is the exact window where you will be able to enable or disable the touchpad permanently. To enable the touchpad, you will have to click on the enable button in the window box that is open. After clicking on the okay button your touchpad would start working again. You just need to reboot the Device for one time after you apply the setting.

Method 3: Install the latest touchpad driver

Sometimes it is possible that because of the updated version of your touchpad driver, your touchpad is unable to work. If you want your touchpad to work properly, Then you have to make sure that your touchpad driver is installed and available in its newest version in your system. No matter what operating system you are using, you need to have the latest version of every software in your system. Sometimes the updated version of the Windows is also responsible for the improper working of many functions in the system.

To get rid of such problems and interruptions in your work, you have to update all the apps and the system software To run your work unstoppable. Installation of the newer version of the driver may directly affect the working of the touchpad. For this check, you need to go to the device manager when you will find all the settings related to the touchpad driver. You need to check the properties of the touchpad driver where you will find the information about their latest or updated version of the driver. If the driver is not updated then update it to its newest version. After updating the task driver you’re HP will able to work properly.

Method 4: Download utility Driver Talent

The above-mentioned methods are not useful for you And you are still unable to identify whether you touch my driver is updated or outdated, then you need to download their utility driver talent app which would help you to find all the faults in your system. The school is mostly recommended by other professionals and experts who Use the touchpad works mostly for their office work. Please today is very amazing for automatically detecting the fault in your system and then resolve the issue in a few minutes. This tool would save much of your time and efforts.

Download utility Driver Talent

You can download the tone from this weblink directly. There would be no risk of any kind of virus from the server because the website is fully secure with safety measures. After installing the tool you’ll be able to find all the issues and the software of this tool will fix the issue for you in a few minutes.

Method 5: Connect with Lenovo support

Above mention, all four methods are not working for you properly and you are still unable to resolve the issue of your touchpad not working properly, then the problem must be in the hardware. You need to contact the Lenovo support to repair your touchpad instantly. If your laptop is in warranty, then the service will be done free of cost and if your laptop is not under warranty then you will have to pay some charges to repair your touchpad.


1. Is there any need to update windows version?

-Yes, sometimes the updated version of Windows also start working on system tools.

2. What if I don’t find the driver update?

-There is a tool mention in the article, you can download it easily from the website.

3. How to contact Lenovo support? 

-you can go to the official website of Lenovo or you can just visit the offline store.

4. Do we need to restart the system after the update?

-yes you need to reboot the system once you update the touchpad driver.         


Working working issue in the touchpad might be because of software or hardware issue. You need to check all the methods above and then figure out the problem of the issue. If the problem is in software then you can perform all the methods mentioned above and if the problem is in hardware then you can visit the Lenovo store.     

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