Best organic lipsticks that own should own

Being naturally charming always is beyond this realm. A bad hair day or a pale face takes over everything to ruin your looks. But lipsticks are our armor ladies! Just a bit of tint on lips, a glossy one or a good matte one and you are all set. But applying regular lipsticks for hours, the tenderness of lips and the natural tint on it starts getting affected. And there are organic brands that cater to people’s demands. It’s a perfect reason to be fed up with chemical-based lipsticks, if you have not yet given up on them, here we bring few handpicked brands which are the best organic ranges from all the others available in the market:

Top 10 Best organic lipsticks

1. Ruby’s organics

Ruby’s organics

Ruby Organics is one of the most well-known brands of organic lipsticks which has been the apple of the eyes of the ladies for quite a while now. All the makeup lovers drool over the amazing range of shades that the brand puts forth. You will never regret not going after regular brands once you start using Ruby’s Organics lipsticks. The perfect amount of beauty and goodness is amalgamated and offered to you. And for all these virtues, this brand has paved its way to this list. And we strongly recommend it to all the makeup lovers out there.

2. Bon Organics

Bon Organics

With herbal ingredients, this is a lipstick brand that endorses goodness and stands by it. It brings up an amazing and huge assortment of shades in its store which is enough to keep the ladies hooked on it. The organic lipsticks sound so boring, but once you have a glance at the range it puts forth, you will be blown by the beauty and variety it has. So, it is never about choosing health over beauty but it is about choosing both at the same time. Both appear equally vital. So get yourself one and flaunt one. Healthy lipsticks used to sound ironic, but not anymore!

3. Ecoberry Natural lip gloss

Ecoberry Natural lip gloss

Have you been adoring glossy lips since birth? Then, here is good news for you. You can afford to have organic lip glosses and still own that shimmery look. Imagining how? Ecoberry Natural Lip gloss has got you a wide range of lip gloss which have organics ingredients loaded in it. The brand stands for glowing skin. But you will not fall short of the makeup coverages. Does giving up on chemical-loaded products sound sane now? So hurry up, and get one of these for yourself for comfortable wear.

4. Barva Skin Therapie

Barva Skin Therapie

Have you always loved organic stain on your lips, if yes, then this is your brand. This is an organic brand with all goodies in its products which stands for happy skin. The tenderness of your lips is intact but the major virtue of the product is natural lip tints that are best for a dewy look daily. Peaches, pinks, reds, and shades like such are happy colors. And if you also love them, then this brand has it all for you. It is not just natural but it also imparts a natural look to one’s face.

5. Soultree Ayurvedic

soultree Ayurvedic

Parabens free is a thing now. People are aware of the damage that parabens can cause. And the Soultree Ayurvedic has come up with its amazing range of lipsticks of different tint with a cream matte finish that is immensely appealing. There are healing pigments in the product which nourishes the lips and moisturizes it whereas chemical-products let the tender skin on lips run out of moisture making chapped. So, if you are heading on for a party, then you can put a little bit of product on and even not compromise on your self-care routine. It’s all virtues and no bad, it’s a worth buy.

6. Iba Halal

Iba Halal

If you have loved matte ones for life, then you got to have a sneak peek into the Ibal Halal’s range. The lip colors are amazing and can enthrall you from within. They would seamlessly glide on your lips like butter and with organic ingredients, you can always trust it for not doing badly to your skin. Put it on for hours, enjoy yourself, and at the same time, ensure that your lips are happy. Iba Halal is surely a brand that one can invest her trust in. So, it’s a thumbs up from us for this brand!

7. Ecco Bella

Ecco Bella

No gluten, no dyes, no preservatives, isn’t that a great deal. But wait, are you worried about the finishing you would get? Then, you need not give a second thought. Apart from nourishing and moisturizing your lips, it also gives an appealing tint, and to be precise, the tint appears no less than that of a chemical-based product. The brand ensures that the product is safe to be applied. Above all, the pandemic situation got us a hard lesson, and that is being concerned about using clean things. And this one is a clean product.

8. Bare Minerals

Bare Minerals

The very foundation of the Bare Mineral product is based on health care. They bring up an amazing range of products that gives tough competition to all the others out there in the market and at the same time makes no compromises on the health front. Putting on lipstick of this brand is comfortable. You can note the soothing feeling when your lips are not being murdered with loaded chemicals. And the seamless finish that you get is an incentive take away. Bare minerals bring a range of lip colors which has got all the colors that women look for. You can beautify and care for yourself simultaneously.

9. Inika


A lipstick is a woman’s best friend. But a skin-friendly one is a savior. Inika brings forth a range of amazing shades of lip colors. The organic ingredients have got healing power which can treat your chapped lips and make them lustrous. So, putting lipstick on for an outing can actually be synonymous with putting on a lip balm. Isn’t that great? Hence, this is a product that is worth putting the hard-earned money into.

10. Josie Maran

Josie Maran

With no compromises on the conscience and humanity, this brand brings up a huge range of lip colors, from nudes to poppy ones. If you fear the lack of options and you want too many colors out there, then Josie Maran is all you need. Their lipsticks come in numerous shades that can cater to all sorts of needs. From party wear to office wear, it gives you all. Josie Maran is a brand that stands by its ideology which is to prioritize health above all. SO, this brand also makes a perfect option when it comes to organic lipsticks.


All the above-listed lipstick brands have lived up to the expectations of people. You need to compromise on quality, finishing, or lasting if you are not using chemical-based lipsticks. So, here is hoping that you found an organic brand for yourself. Remember self-care and chemical-based products can never go hand in hand!

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