Best Small Bird Tattoo Designs

A tattoo is definitely on a millennial thing. Before ages, before the availability of tattoo machines, the tribal culture had a huge prevalence of tattoos. And the designs seemed varying throughout. But the bird theme tattoo can somewhat be labeled as a millennial choice. The true sense of free spirit is represented through the small bird. But there are various designs where the usage of tattoo ink can stand for many more perspectives rather than just being confined in the theories of freedom. So here we bring you go-to tattoos of small bird themes that have wowed the eyeballs of many.

Top 40 tattoo designs of small bird theme

  • Small flying birds

Few small flying birds moving upwards to the sky, wings perfectly functioning to their best seems soothing. There is something special about it which all worth getting it done.

  • A flying bird out of a broken cage

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A darkened cage and a colorful bird contrast each other well to be teamed up. And to give it a personal touch, one can even get freedom or fearless written with the tattoo

  • Parrot Tattoo

For all the parrot lovers, this is an amazing design that you can own throughout your life..

  • Mynah Tattoo

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If you want to get wilder with your approach, a dear black mynah is an amazing tattoo design to go for. The sharp beak and charming eyes can perfectly bring out aggression

  • Owl Tattoo

This is another kind of a wild and free but dark tattoo that can even add gravity to a person’s being.

  • Lovely birds on a branch

It is a lovely tattoo that symbolizes light heartedness and joy of love.

  • Hawk Tattoo

A hawk tattoo has always been one of the most opted tattoos and the reason behind that is the wildness it offers in the visuals.

  • Geometric bird tattoo

Geometric tattoos and taken over all the designs. But that simply does not imply that the bird tattoo is out of trends. And imagine how about the combination of the two? Yes, the geometric bird tattoo is a thing now.

  • Feather and bird tattoo

The feather with a bird design is one of the light designs but at the same time it strongly voices out the virtue of freewill. It can also be small or big as per the choices made.

  • Colorful bird tattoo

A colorful bird can be the best tattoo one can get. A small colorful bird or even a group of them can appeal to too many. You can get the smaller ones on the wrist, as it is part of the trend.

  • Wing Tattoo

If you want to stand for the idea behind that, then this is another option for designs. You will be appreciated for the tattoo because it brings out an amazing idea of freedom and even is appealing.

  • White flying bird

A free-thinking perspective has always been attractive and if you also love so, then go for an owl.

  • Tukan tattoo

Along with freedom, it adds another symbol which is love, darker branches and leaves and lighter birds with dark wings can make an amazing impression.

  • Tree branch and birds

If you majorly want to wear something dark and wild, then there can be nothing better than this.

  • Three owls tattoo

It is one of the most strongly recommended designs that can add a statement to your being.

  • The owl Face

Owl face is a tricky one, one must choose a nice tattoo place to get it done. Only then, wearing it will be pure joy.

  • The flowery Nest

It is a perfect glance to have. You can get this design tattooed on your wrist, side waist, and neck, back, and almost anywhere you feel like.

  • Sparrow Tattoo

Having a glance at it, you can retrieve your confidence. So if you want to get a bird tattoo, then this can be one that has got all light symbolism.

  • Small bird unfilled tattoo

It best complements the back and gives an incredibly sexy appeal irrespective of gender. It is wilder and richer, and when you carry it with confidence and pride, it all shows up and works for you.

  • Musical bird tattoo

You can note the change in the way people around start treating you. The symbolism has to anyway be right and you are all set to gather the virtues of it.

  • Morocco Parrot Tattoo

Parrot tattoos are always cool to have. To give it a wild touch, you can use strong vibrant colors. Parrots tattoos have become some of the most admired designs

  • Lovely Dove

These flying birds, if darkened well, with black, then it might bring out the deepest impact. This complements all attires and is a great idea to own.

  • Love Birds

Lovely doves stand for immense love and the birds also stand for a free and strong will. So, instead of crap designs, you can go for something that voices out an amazing idea so strongly.

  • Kissing birds

Tattoos like such will stand by you and will even bring more depth to you the character you own. The impressions that tattoos create are hard to fade.

  • Incredible geometric color bird
  • I love you birds tattoo

Wearing the tattoo, you can be out of the radar of fear for fading the charm of the one you got tattooed on yourself because flying birds can never be less attractive. So this is a great option to go with!

  • Girl and small birds flying

A bird flying out of a cage is such a beautiful thing to watch and getting it tattooed on yourself is even beautiful.

  • Geometric Owl

You can find a variety of designs like this and opt for them can also be amazing. These are the best back tattoos then one can ever go for. You can even find kinds of such in movies now.

  • Flying bird with detailed intricacies

The beauty of it is unarguable. So if you want it on the wrists, then you can go for smaller and if you want it back, then it can be bigger also.

  • Faith in the wings tattoo

Wings are energy vibes. So head on to a skilled and experienced tattoo center and get a geometric owl design done on yourself.

  • Diagonal flying bird

The perfect places to get them tattooed are back, arms, or anywhere where there is adequate space.

  • Cute penguin tattoo

A huge amount of ecstatic vibes can be a part of your personality if you start wearing a tattoo like such.

  • Colorful sparrow


The birds stand for liveliness and vibes all around. And the tattoo alsoprojects the same.

  • Colorful owl

Owning a bird tattoo is like freeing yourself from being stressful, because each time you have a glance at it, you will perceive the message it stands for.

  • Colorful mynah

The dark color in it is weirdly attractive. You can get it done in blue as well. And you can take that chance up with this tattoo.

  • Colorful birds

If you want to wear a tattoo, you must not hesitate a bit. This is so because this tattoo has no attire constraints as such. It can go well with any sort of attire.

  • Cartoon Owl

Mynah can rightly do justice if you get it done in a nice tattoo center.

  • Cartoon colorful bird

The cartoon birds can be your option too. They are cute and light. They appear happy.

  • Blue birds tattoo

Blue birds look the best as tattoo. The color stands out amongst all and gives a heck of lively vibes.

  • Crane tattoo

The poise and elegance of a crane is appreciable. And getting the tattoo of a colorful crane design can even be better.

Final Talk :

These were the few best small bird designs of tattoo. We have handpicked them from many and brought the few best for people. Tattoos can also be permanently appealing. The designs listed above emphasize the same. Here is hoping that you found one for yourself too!

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