63 Things You Can Do When You Turn 18

Turning 18 is a milestone and is an outstanding achievement in one’s life. Not only can you assume legal rights and obligations, but you still feel confident and have a new sense of independence. Although it is undeniably an exciting time in any teenager’s life, it is essential to consider what factors change when you turn 18. By knowing this, you will set yourself up as a successful and valued member of the community. From registering to voting to buying fireworks, you will do the legal stuff when you turn 18.

  1. Vote: yes, you can vote and get to be a part of your country’s selection process.
  2. Get an alcoholic beverage in most locations outside the US.
  3. Get a tattoo or a body piercing without parental permission.
  4. Pick a kitten or a pet of your choice without taking consent from your parents.
  5. Sign an Agreement
  6. Change the name and give yourself the name you always wanted to have
  7. Buy stock and open a brokerage account and start trading in the stock market to earn your living.
  8. Using a meat/deli slicer at a supermarket job
  9. Book hotel accommodation and get to stay in a lavish room for a night.
  10. Work and sell drinks in a bar without anyone raising questions.
  11. Sign on from high school
  12. Twenty. Be assigned to jury duty.
  13. Enable your bank account and get to maintain your savings according to your wish
  14. Having sex with someone younger than 18 and make the most out of your choice.
  15. Marry without parental authorization and bring your partner home. Even your parents cannot raise a question of why you did the same.
  16. Win a Visa for ten years and travel to different countries without any hassles.
  17. Get a Costco Pass and enjoy shopping without any limits.
  18. Buy land, or apply for a mortgage.
  19. If adopted, try to find their biological parents. Yes!! You can now go face to face and ask them the reason they abandoned you.
  20. For a truck driving permit, you can go and apply and if lucky and get to drive one and enjoy your journey.
  21. Get to work as a service repair person in a home that needs to be remodeled or repaired.
  22. Go to the ER by yourself and get care from the doctors without the need of an elder being by your side.
  23. Full-time job during the academic year to earn your pocket money and become independent.
  24. Register to donate blood or become an organ donor. You can also ask for a card from the government for the same.
  25. Request Credit Cards and manage your expenses. Do make sure you pay your debts on time too.
  26. Put in a lawsuit ad get your claims resolved at the earliest.
  27. Adopt a Baby and enjoy the responsibility without any questions being raised.
  28. You are creating a Will on how you want your property to be transferred after you die. But make sure you have something that you want to divide between your kids.
  29. Pick your own car and enjoy hitting the road in full style.
  30. Apartment rentals if you want to live with your mates or partner.
  31. Request pornography and have fun.
  32. Sue Someone
  33. Pawn your things
  34. Buy Spruce
  35. Betting on a horse race but just be careful that you do not end up losing everything.
  36. Buy suppressing cough medicines without the prescription of the doctor.
  37. Book your Airbnb.
  38. Using a Bird or Lime travel sharing scooter
  39. Consent to their own treatment without the consent of parents.
  40. Move from home with your friends.
  41. Keep a check on your household staff.
  42. Join any job you want to.
  43. Drive and enjoy a night curfew
  44. Be a part of rallies.
  45. Get to be the only one present at home when some work is going on.
  46. Advise your parents.
  47. Be the one to help different donations and NGO’s for fundraising.
  48. Apply for a passport.
  49. Get to visit different prisoners and interview them.
  50. Follow your passion without the consent of your parents.
  51. Get your vaccines revamped.

What you do not know is that 18 comes with their share of obligations, too. But before you hit the ground running with all the fun you think you’re going to have right now that you’re 18, get to know this grown-up stuff you should expect and get ready for first.

  1. Purchase the Fireworks. Say goodbye to having to ask your folks to buy you fireworks, or bribe older children, because now you can do it yourself. Strut into the fireworks store with confidence, and buy all the pyrotechnics you want.
  2. Buy spray paint. If you’re aspiring to be a graffiti artist or more likely need just some spray paint for a school project or at-home hobby, you can now legally buy the stuff in stores without having to have a parent.
  3. Buy tobacco or cigarettes. If it used to be illegal for you to buy cigarettes and other tobacco products, now that you’re 18, you have that choice available. Only bear in mind that smoking them at any age poses a health threat.
  4. Go to Prison for adults. Okay, okay, another important thing about being 18 is that you must really be responsible for your own actions and decisions. If you get into some legal trouble, you are going to be charged as an adult and get the full arm of the law.
  5. Join a tribunal. Another legal obligation that you can now expect to fulfill is that you will be called upon to have jury duty. You can also find the experience thrilling and enlightening with a little enthusiasm.
  6. Participate and be a part of the armed forces. Being 18 also means you can either enter or be drafted into the armed forces. You can now represent your country, whether it’s the Air Force, Army, Marines, or Navy.
  7. Be a stripper: Now that you are of legal age and your own boss when it comes to making your own decisions, you can make money as long as it is legal in whatever way you want. But if stripping isn’t your teacup, you should just sit back and be a fan, since you can now go to a strip club.
  8. Do more work: You now have many hobbies and resources, including spending more time at work to spend your free time on. This means you can work longer than the hours provided without any legal restrictions.
  9. Loot a bank: OkayOkay, first, at least open a bank account. Now that you’re an adult, you can open your own bank account and put all of your hard-earned overtime money in it. That is if you haven’t spent anything upon tattoos, piercings, travel, lottery, or a strip club.

The moment you turn 18, there are a lot of things that change. But the one thing that hasn’t changed, and probably never will, is that at 18 or 80, they’re still our babies; they’re driving us nuts, but we’re not going to have it any other way.

Responsibilities You Need To Keep In Mind When You Turn 18

Now you are liable for your decisions as a legal adult. If you break any laws, you will be convicted as an adult.

If you’re a man, register with the Selective Service System within one month of turning 18. You may be punished if you fail to do so. You will need to spend up to five years in Prison and/or be fined up to $250,000 if convicted.

You are legally obliged to pay all or any debts that you incur.

Your record for juveniles will be sealed. You will have a “new start” as an adult when you turn 18, so past misdemeanors will not return to haunt you legally.

You have to sign the job tax papers. You will be asked to sign a contract and a tax form when applying for work. When you become an adult, it is not legally binding. This is why after you turn 18, you will get an apartment, keep a job, buy real estate and buy stocks.

Now you might go to Prison. No longer ‘just’ If you commit an 18-year-old offense or felony, you will be charged as an adult. You may also have to spend some time in jail or in rehab.


These are some of the things you get to enjoy when you turn 18 and along with them comes a lot of responsibilities for you to keepi in mind and enjoy your life.

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